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Past the Present Predicament

Jason Russell is a film director who helped start the organization Invisible Children in 2004. One of Invisible Children’s primary focuses is on bringing awareness and an end to the abuse and abduction of children in Central Africa. He was Las key to creating the (controversial) film Kony 2012 focused on bringing to light the horrendous crimes of Ugandan rebel leader, Joseph Kony. Kony 2012 gained rapid notoriety and in 2013 was called the most viral video ever. As Kony 2012 gained attention, Jason Russell, its director, experienced what was called a “brief reactive psychosis” and a naked Russell was detained by San Diego police walking and yelling naked in the street.

Since then, Russell has recovered and is back serving with Invisible Children and supporting work in Central Africa focused on local programs there. One of his worst and most well known moments, doesn’t appear to be who he really was. Thankfully, there were people in his life who knew that and walked with him through this challenging time. We need people in our lives helping navigate the hard times as well. We will see that from Paul’s example with Timothy from 2 Timothy as we begin Mentored Pt 2. 

Past the Present Predicament
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