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THE CARE HOUSE is a ministry of our Deeside, Jamaica campus. They currently feed people in their community twice each month. The goal of The Care House is to feed people spiritually, emotionally, and physically. For more information visit The Care House website, .


Rescue Kidz is a fun, energetic kids program

that teaches kids God's truth in a way that they can understand.

There are three main goals of Rescue Kidz:


1. Everyone has FUN!  We consider it a success when kids are begging their parents to come back to Rescue Kidz the next week. Not only does it help kids see that church is an awesome place to be, it also puts parents' minds at ease knowing their kids are having a great time while they are in the service.


2. Everyone LEARNS something. Fun and games are great, but ultimately we want to teach the next generation about God. We know that sitting in our kids ministries are future fathers, wives, teachers, pastors, and leaders - something we do not take lightly.  Each week the Rescue Kidz hear a short message that focuses on a lesson or story from the Bible that they can apply to their lives. To go along with the message, all the kids learn a memory verse for that day. Saying verses helps the kids to earn points. The more verses they learn, the more points they earn that can be used to pick out prizes! 


3. Everyone is in a SAFE environment.  All of our children's ministry volunteers have cleared a background check. We do not apologize when asking for each of our volunteers to get one, because providing a safe environment is high priority!

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