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Multiplying Your Impact

Over the next five weeks we will go through Paul’s letter to the church in Collosae. As we do, we will see the power of healthy relationships and explore the ways we can make the most of our relationships. We start this weekend. Hopefully you can join us.

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Supreme Jesus

We have a number of roles in our lives and those roles intersect with other people. Often when that happens there is tension (sometimes below the surface and other times in the open) over who is the most important. This can be at work, between siblings, in a community, on a team or in any number of places. Sometimes it’s healthy. Often it is not. When everyone knows their role, however, we can make a much bigger impact then when there is confusion regarding who does what. We’ll try to clarify some of this confusion in this week’s message.

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Disconnected From Your Head

Since the first church 2,000 years ago, there has been a tendency of people to look for, or create, rules about what it means to be a strong Christian. Why do we do this? Is it good or bad or can it be some combination of the two? This weekend we are going to see how this tendency towards rules impacted the church in Colossae and how it can impact us.

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Everyday Faith

Does what we read in the Bible and hear in sermons have any relevance to our every day life? The answer is a resounding YES! The amount of impact it has, however, is affected by the way it is lived out, the way it is applied. This weekend we will discuss some of the ways the Truth of the Bible can impact what happens in our homes, away from many eyes from the community and our local church. We’ll see how our home lives, when lived God’s way, is great for all involved.

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Powerful Persistence

When things get challenging or when something looks more enjoyable, it can be tempting to move on from whatever we are doing. Imagine, however, that you were focused on the thing(s) that had the power to bring incredible results. If you could know what this thing was, would you purse it total commitment? We’ll be talking about this on Sunday. Hope you can join us.

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A Beautiful Mess

As people we are often drawn to people a lot like us. This week as we wrap up our series Colossians: The Power of Healthy Relationships, we will look at some of the people from the early church. It will give the opportunity to discuss the value, power, and challenges coming out of diversity in the church

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