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Glow In The Dark

When someone asks, "how's it going?" or "how's life?" how do you answer? What are you using to define whether it is or isn't going well? Can we change it or do we have to accept the fact it is what it is? Let's talk about it this weekend.

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Extreme Living

We like the idea of an exciting and adventurous life, but it appears most of us are content experiencing life to the fullest through other people or in virtual worlds. Why is this? Possibly because it feels safe. But maybe the “safe” life isn’t the best life God intended for you. Maybe God’s desire is for your life to be an adventure that is anything but “safe” as we have defined safe. This is what we’re talking about this week.

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Who We Are In Christ

This week Scott Peterson gave us the message. He focused on three things that make up our identity in Christ. 

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Dealing With Fear

Throughout history a number of things have brought fear. Over the past 50 years we have experienced things like the Cold War, AIDS, 911 attacks, al-Qaeda, Covid, and a variety of things different politicians or political parties have done or said they would do. In 1 John 4, the apostle John addresses fear and provides an antidote. We’re talking about that this coming weekend.

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Winning In Life

Do you ever feel like you’re failing at life? Sometimes life is hard and it seems like nothing is going your way. If you are like many people, these are times when we can feel like we are failing. In those seasons we don’t care even so much about winning at life, but we just don’t want to fail at it. This week we’re going to look at how we can win in life. Hopefully you can join us.

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Dangerous Illusion

Do the names David Blaine, David Copperfield, Harry Houdini or Reza (I had to be sure to include the Brookings, South Dakota native) mean anything to you? It’s a pretty recognizable list, so I’m pretty sure you realized they were all illusionists. These men have done a variety of things, from dangerous escapes to making important landmarks disappear. They make things appear different than they really are in a way that makes you question what is real. Sometimes that happens in the Church as well. How do we avoid it? That’s what we will talk about this weekend.

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