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Thinking Ahead

We’re kicking off our series on 1 Timothy by exploring the bond between Paul and Timothy. This friendship lasted for years and influenced many. Through their connection, we’ll learn how people and relationships play a vital role in creating thriving organizations.

Thinking Ahead
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Love Is The Goal

People can be harsh, mean even. Some say they are simply calling it like they see it. Others can be really critical. But, you know this already. Unfortunately, Christians sometimes are unnecessarily harsh and overly. We may excuse it as “addressing sin” or “pointing out sin.” Is this really what is shown in the early church? What if this isn’t what Jesus would do?

Love Is The Goal
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Love Is The Goal - Part Two

This past week we discussed the importance of confrontation as well as several keys to healthy confrontation. The message then led into some discussion in the following hours and days about conflict and how to work through conflict. At the risk of stating the obvious, conflict is all around us. We experience it in our relationships. For those of us in the United States the upcoming elections will potentially elevate levels of conflict in our communities. With all this in mind, we will transition from addressing issues with other people, groups and organizations to healthy ways to work through conflict.

Love Is The Goal Part Two
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