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Progress vs Change:
Practical Steps Towards a Better Future

Over times things change. This isn’t anything you didn’t know. Our roles change. Our health changes. Our communities change. Things change, but if we aren’t intentional, those changes often aren’t for the better. This week we are going to look at some of what we can do to move towards a better future instead of drifting into something less than God’s best for our lives.

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Love Finds A Way

It may surprise you to know that all the people in the local church are imperfect. It’s not only in the church you are connected to. In ever single church gathering since Acts 2 there have been as many imperfect people as there have been people. This week we will explore some of those imperfect groups and see how you, and the community around you, can still benefit from the local church.

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Beware of Hidden Ingredients

When it comes to eating healthy and taking care of ourselves, those who know about these things would tell us to be careful what we put into our body. Apparently the same is true for our pets. There are commercials now for healthy dog food with only natural ingredients. This isn’t only for our physical bodies and our pets. It also applies to the what the church is teaching and what we are applying to our lives. What does this look like and how does it impact you? That’s what we’ll talk about this weekend.

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Peace In Uncertainty

People (maybe even you) are dealing with fears and anxieties. For more year there has been the ongoing war with Russia and Ukraine. Now we have the attacks on Israel and the subsequent declaration of war. Those are international issues, but they have many people wondering what is next. There have been numerous stories and conversations about inflation and the possibility of recession leading to financial concerns about how this will impact us. There are also personal issues specific to people and families. This week we will wrap up our series about the Church by seeing how the Church has been equipped to provide help and support to our communities in times of chaos, fear and uncertainty.

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