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An Impact On The Future

 As we approach the end of the summer and get ready to head into fall, we are beginning a new series called Preparing For Harvest. Agriculture impacted many in Jesus’s day and it certainly impacts us to day. This weekend we’ll see what the Bible has to say about simply drifting along hoping for the best compared to intentionally working toward results. And if we are to be intentionally working, where should we be investing our energy. It certainly matters because what you do today will impact tomorrow…for better or for worse. 

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A Worthless Tree

Have you attended a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Event? Have you heard of it? Medieval Times locations are designed to look like castles. A person can sit and eat a four-course meal while watching knights on horses, jousting, falcons and anything else that might bring a person back to what the it was like in Medieval Spain. While it may look like there is an epic battle from the 11th century happening in front of you, the truth is, it is just a show. It can be a lot of fun, but it is just a show. It’s a somewhat modern building that was built to look like a castle. The cast of characters, even those who die, will leave this theater and head home at the end of the evening as if they weren’t in a battle of life and death. Because they weren’t. It was just a show. The unfortunate reality is many people are simply putting on a show, with nothing to show for it. That’s what we’re talking about this weekend.

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Don't Overthink It

You likely know enough people to know people aren’t all the same when it comes to getting results. Some people are hyper-focused on the results and don’t care what they have to do to get there. They may make a lot of mistakes, waste energy or hurt other people to get the desired result, but they will get the result or die trying. Others are all about the process. These people never get to the finish line because they are continuously adapting the process but not actually working their process. Our approach to getting results matters, but so does actively pursuing the results. That’s what we’re talking about this weekend.

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Urgent and Important

People tend to be busy. There is a good chance, if asked how your week has been, you would respond with, “busy.” In the middle of the busyness, are the things taking our time important or not important? Sometimes when we look back on our days and weeks we find we were busy, but not with the most important things. This week we are going to talk about identifying what deserves our time.

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Let's Have A Party

It’s likely your life if busy. You have a lot going on. Even if your life isn’t busy, you may be one of those Type-A people who driven to succeed and accomplish your goals. Some of you may simply feel like you are trying to survive. Regardless of the reason, we often fail to celebrate the good things in our lives. The Bible has a lot to say about celebrating. We’re going to look at some of what it says this weekend and see how it relates to our lives today.

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